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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School


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Leadership & Management Team 

Mrs Hogan

Mrs Chadda

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs  Wilmot

Assistant Head, Inclusion 

Miss Clow
Assistant Head, Wider Curriculum/ Reception Oak Teacher

Miss Jayne

Assistant Head, Pastoral Lead/ Year 4 Aspen Teacher

Miss Bantock

EYFS/ KS1 Phase Lead/ Year 1 Willow Class Teacher

Miss Smith

KS2 Phase Lead/ Year 6 Rowan Teacher

Mrs Mistri

Science and the Wider Curriculum Lead/ Year 5 Mulberry Teacher

Mr Martin

Maths Subject Lead/ Year 6 Alder Teacher

Office & Site Staff 

Mrs Worrell

Operations and Office Manager

Mrs O'Donnell
Administrative Assistant


Mrs Finch

Office Receptionist

Mrs Barber

Special Projects Lead

Ms Cooper

Home School Link Worker

Mr T Kent

Foundation Stage 

Miss Clow

Reception Leader & Teacher - Oak Class

Mrs Akeroyd

Teacher - Oak Class

Miss Arnold
Teacher - Holly Class

Miss K Janman

Teacher - Ash Class

Key Stage 1 

Miss Bantock

EYFS/ KS1 Phase Lead/ Year 1 Willow Class Teacher

Miss Morris

Year 1 Teacher - Pine Class

Miss Henderson

Year 1 Teacher - Beech Class

Mrs Welsh
Year 2 Leader & Teacher - Maple Class
Mrs Moore
Year 2 Teacher - Hawthorn Class
Mrs Davis
Year 2 Teacher - Elm Class

Key Stage 2 

Mrs Moore
Year 3 Leader and Teacher - Larch Class

Mr Brown

Year 3 Sycamore Class

Miss Morgan

Year 3 Teacher - Redwood Class

Miss Jayne 
Year 4 Leader & Teacher - Aspen Class

Mrs Gatto- Ronchieri

Year 4 Teacher - Aspen Class

Miss West
Year 4 Teacher - Juniper Class
Miss Lambert
Year 4 Teacher - Magnolia Class

Mrs F Mistri

Year 5 Leader & Teacher - Mulberry Class

Mr Griffin
Year 5 Teacher - Spruce Class

Miss Sills 

Year 5 Teacher - Cedar Class

Miss Smith

KS2 Phase Lead & Year 6 Teacher - Rowan Class

Mr Balmer
Year 6 Teacher - Hazel Class
Mr I Martin
Year 6 Teacher - Alder Class

Mrs Bywater 


Mrs Bance


Miss Scammell


Education Support Assistants 


Mrs Hope,  ELSA

Mrs Bimson
Mr Coe
Mrs Costa-Michael
Mr Evans
Mrs Fletcher
Mrs Green
Miss Hayes
Mrs Johar
Mrs Kaur
Mrs Kent 
Mrs Kulkarni
Mrs Lynch-Staunton
Mrs Martin
Miss Martin
Mrs May
Mrs Naik
Mrs Privett
Miss Robertson
Miss Sparkes
Mrs Stephen
Mrs Theodosopoulou
Miss Tizzard
Miss Tuhey
Mrs Uzunoglu
Miss Warnes
Miss Welford


Lunchtime, Library & Road Safety Staff 


Ms Bell, Lunchtime Staff


Mrs Sewell, Lunchtime Staff


Mrs Adey, Librarian


Mrs Rodger, School Crossing Patrol Officer


Breakfast Club / After School Club (Woodys) Staff 

  Mrs Adey
  Mr Ayres
  Ms Bell
  Mr Evans
  Mrs Green
  Mrs Kasparas
  Mrs Kent
  Ms Lucas
  Ms Mason
  Ms Moes
  Miss Orr
  Miss Peters
  Mrs Underwood

Curriculum Coordinators 

Miss S Clow, 
Wider Curriculum

Miss Bantock


Mr I Martin


Mrs F Mistri

Science and the wider curriculum

Mrs R Akeroyd

Mrs J Gatto-Ronchieri


Mr R Balmer
Mrs P Moore

Mrs Bywater 


Mr Griffin


Miss G Morgan


Miss Morris


Miss Sills