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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School

Dr Kathy Weston Webinar- Family Resillience

We were fortunate to host a webinar by Dr Kathy Weston on the 14th January. Staff and parents who attended the webinar found it extremely useful. 

Dr Weston discussed factors that contribute to family resilience and gave practical steps that parents can take to help children become emotionally resilient. Her advice was practical and evidence based. She explored how to build positive self-esteem and give your child the tools they need to cope with failure.

Parents who attended were able to ask questions anonymously and she addressed these at the end of her talk. We will be hosting another webinar soon and will post the details of this via our newsletter.

If you found the talk useful, Kathy would greatly appreciate you leaving a review on her Facebook page: Dr Kathy Weston Facebook Review or on her Google page: Dr Kathy Weston Google Reviews.

Dr Weston has shared some resources that she mentioned in her talk. You can download two documents below and follow this link to a video on the Importance of Play.