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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School

Admissions Consultation 2022

The Local Governing Body of Hinchley Wood Primary School is currently considering admission arrangements for entry in 2022/23.  As determined by the School Admissions Code, we have a statutory duty to consult on these arrangements if we are proposing any changes. 

The changes being proposed are as follows:

To remove the nearest school criteria following the recent ruling by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA).  The school priority will change to distance of the child’s home address from the school with those living closest to the school being given higher priority.

The proposed Admissions Criteria for 2022/23 are attached below.

How can I respond to the consultation?

The consultation will run from Friday 11 December 2020 to Friday 22 January 2021.   If you wish to comment on the proposed changes to our admission arrangements, please complete an online response form via the link below. The form should be completed and submitted by Friday 22 January 2021.


If you would prefer to receive a paper form for your response, please contact me via email

What happens next?

Your comments will be collated and presented to the Local Governing Body.  The Local Governing Body will decide whether to proceed with the proposed changes and determine Admission Arrangements for 2022.  Once approved, the admission arrangements will be published on the school’s website – please note no individual responses will be provided.


Sherry Secker

Clerk to Local Governors

Dec 2020